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24h-info is a hotel news publication, delivering a daily news service to thousands of hotel guests all over the world.
We provide the latest news stories and summaries from the guests’ own countries, with publications edited and produced in their own language, including sports updates, celebrity gossip, business and financial information. Newspapers are delivered by email in PDF format for easy printing, with unlimited printing!
In addition to enhancing the guest experience and giving your guests good reason to return, our publications are personalised with your hotel branding, plus the weather forecast. You can, also, update the editions with your latest offers & promotions within the newspapers.
Ensure that you benefit from getting your message across to guests in a way that really works - choose 24h-info for your guests today. Please feel free to browse our product information or contact us for more information.

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All our newspapers can be printed on a standard A4 desktop printer, and are branded with your own hotel name and logo. All the sample newspapers are supplied in PDF format for easy downloading. Click the flag to download a sample copy.

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